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Yoogle is one of the four houses at Ellgock School of Magic. A wizard named Kaden Yoogle founded the house in 1842. Kaden created this house to be filled with kind and caring wizards who would always enjoy a good laugh. The animal of this house is actually a dog, known for their caring nature. The colours of this house are blue and yellow, as Kaden himself was a Hufflepuff, and his brother a Ravenclaw. The house ghost is known as the Jolly Laugher.


Yoogle house is a house that values kindness, humour, and the ability to care above all else. Members of Yoogle house like to find any riddles they can, and tell each other. Sometimes they are thought of as carefree and silly, but they care. Other houses and schools wonder how they are so positive.

Members of Yoogle house usually dream of a happier, greater future. They believe there is a way to beat the bad in the world, and they want to do the most they can do to make that happen.


Members of Yoogle wear blue and yellow. The prefect wears a yellow or blue clown wig. To most, it would seem a symbol of stupidity, but to Yoogle house, it is a symbol of a person who can lead them.

The scarves they wear are wrapped around their heads.


The house has its strengths and weaknesses, many of them, and they build their character.


Members of Yoogle house are kind towards others. They hate to be mean, and try to help out and say kind words as much as possible.

They are always wanting to hear a riddle, and tell one too. They love to laugh. Anything funny, they love more than anything else, the funnier the better.

But most of all, they care. Yoogle house members try to make the world a better place, and they do it together. They care about others, themselves, and the world around them.


Because they try to be kind, they feel terrible when they do something mean, even by accident. Even if people accept their apologies, they still feel really bad afterwards.

Sometimes, a Yoogle member will find that they are telling really bad jokes, and laughing at them too! Then people think they are really bad at joking.

Sometimes, their feelings of care are interpreted as nosiness, or even bossiness. It is quite annoying to them

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