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school =TBD
{{Infobox_House|title1 =Snaplefang|school =TBD|location =TBD|house_ghost =The White Warlock|common_room =TBD|animal =Wolf|element =Ice|traits =Sarcasm, loyalty, pride|colors =Silver and blue|founder =Skarebelle Snaplefang|}}
location =TBD
house_colors Silver and Blue
founder =Skarebelle Snaplefang
traits =Sarcasm, loyalty, pride
ghost = The White Warlock
common_room =TBD
animal =Wolf
element =Ice
{{Infobox_House|title1 =Snaplefang|school =TBD|location =TBD|}}
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[[Category:Fanmade Houses]]
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[[Category:Work in Progress]]

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